We are so pleased you are visiting – feel free to explore the site and get in touch.
There’s lots going on and it’s all focussed on our mission
to know, share and spread the love of God”.

Contact us: 01823 451257 [email protected]
Office usually opens: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9am – 2pm

Rev Jim Cox: 01823 802790: (07967817337) [email protected]

For all services please see ‘Services‘ page.

‘The Bible Course’ starts Tues 10th afternoons in West Monkton & Weds 11th June evenings in Kingston

Want to know more about the bible? This is the course for you.
Contact us if you would like to attend this popular course which is for everyone.
Two groups will be held. One in the BACH Tuesday afternoons and one in Kingston on Wednesday evenings. Ring the office 01823 451257 for details and to book a place.

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