Our mission is
‘to know, share and spread the love of God’

We will achieve this by holding to our Benefice Values of:

● Being welcoming in every way
● Being community-minded
● Knowing and sharing stories of Jesus
● Enabling people and the environment to flourish
● Being kind and caring
● Being people of integrity

We have our updated Mission Action Plan: (2023)

Since April 2019, we have had a Mission Action Plan (2019-2020), where we seek to know, share and spread the love of God, – this was updated as above in 2023. We aim to:

Improve communication:
– Making regular and special events more visible on our website calendar and monitor this
– Improving advertising services and events in advance to all groups
Build community:
– Offering more opportunities throughout the year for families to engage with the church through a series of events

As parishes working within the Diocese of Bath and Wells,
in response to God’s immense love for us, we seek to be God’s people, living and telling the story of Jesus.”


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