Our mission is
‘to know, share and spread the love of God’

We will achieve this by holding to our Benefice Values of:

● Being welcoming
● Having welcoming buildings
● Being community-minded
● Telling stories of Jesus
● Being discipling
● Enabling people to flourish
● Being attractive (so people want to find out more)
● Being kind and caring
● Being people of integrity

Since April 2019, we have had a Mission Action Plan (2019-2020), where as we seek to know, share and spread the love of God, we aim to:

Improve communication:
– Improve and revitalise the Benefice website
– Improve communication between the church and community
– Foster positive relationships inside and outside the church
Offer diverse services:
– Offer a variety of service both traditional and contemporary, include a prayerful space.
– Locate some services beyond our church buildings eg in local schools, community halls and homes
Build community:
– Provide opportunities for all people to grow in faith
– Recruit, equip, resource, commission and celebrate lay ministries
– Develop our pastoral care and support
– Improve interaction with people following special services such as Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals
– Be active, be church – join in local initiatives – start others

As parishes working within the Diocese of Bath and Wells,
in response to God’s immense love for us, we seek to be God’s people, living and telling the story of Jesus.”


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